About Us

Hi, We Are Cloth in a Box—the Parent Company of Face it.

About Us

Karine Morin ,Terry D’Amore are two entrepreneurial mothers from Montreal with little time for facial pampering—something many women can relate to. Karine spent nearly a decade struggling to find a reusable facecloth that would effectively and efficiently cleanse her face and remove all of her makeup. In 2010, Karine and Terry set on a mission to create one of their own.

Karine and Terry created FACE IT, a heart-shaped duo pocketed facecloth that removes makeup, cleanses, massages and exfoliates the face and neck in one simple step.

Let's Face It, women have trouble committing to a beauty regimen because it can be such a tedious task. Karine and Terry wanted to bring to the beauty industry something that women can rely on to make skincare an enjoyable experience. Face It is the innovative solution that women of all ages and all skin types can easily incorporate into their daily routine. Face It outperforms all other cleansing alternatives: hands and soap fail to clean pores thoroughly, cotton pads leave unwanted lint residue, conventional terry cloths can be too abrasive and disposable facial wipes contain lotions that may not be suitable for certain skin types.

Karine and Terry encourage women to nurture their beautiful skin with Face It. They want to empower women to put themselves first and love themselves entirely. Face It is specially designed to give your skin the pampering it deserves and reveal its radiant and natural glow. Karine and Terry want women to beam from the inside out because they believe every single woman deserves their time to shine.


Face It encourages women to realize who they truly are, by passionately embracing every ounce of self-love all the while nurturing the beautiful skin they all have.