Before And After: The Magic Of The Face it Washcloth

So, you want to know if the hype is real. You’ve heard of the concept of a makeup remover towel but you’re a little skeptical. And rightfully so. Just add water to the washcloth and it all comes off? Including your most stubborn makeup? It almost sounds too good to be true! Being the curious cat that you are, you did some research, read the 5-Star Face It Amazon and HSN reviews but you strongly believe the proof is in the pudding. The only way your washcloth will bring boys to the yard is if it actually works. We’re hella confident about our washcloth, so we want to share some highlights with you.

You can swipe on your most stubborn tattoo-like eyeliner, pack on your most pigmented bronzer, apply your stickiest matte lipstick and go FULL glam. The Face It microfiber face cloth is flying off shelves and you’ll soon understand why.

What’s the word on the street?

We had some of our favorite beauty bloggers and enthusiasts try Face It so they can experience the black and pink magic of our washcloths and let us know their thoughts. Turns out, the feedback returned extremely positive!

First up, our favorite Skincare Enthusiast Leslie Nifoussi sent us a video showing us how she uses Face It.

“My skin feels reallyyyyy clean. I like the fact that I can clean gently around my eyes so there is no makeup leftover and my skin feels really really clean. Awesome!”

She couldn’t get over how clean, soft and moisturized the towel left her skin feeling. Almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Next, a beloved fellow Youtuber @IzaStrawberry gives us a step-by-step description of how she likes to use her favorite washcloth.

“I always feel like I have residue left on my skin when I use makeup remover wipes, […] so when I go into the shower I always see the this cloth hanging and it always reminds me to wash my face properly. I think it does an amazing job.”

Similar to makeup remover wipes, regular washcloths won’t always give the 100% clean skin you’re looking for. There’s always some stubborn leftover eyeliner or foundation guilty of giving you the dreaded clown face look. And Face It, nobody wants that!

Last but certainly not least, @PetiteStephy had a few comments to make about the Face It washcloth on her Youtube channel.

“These are two beautiful washcloths that are easy to use and very efficient. I love this product versus a regular washcloth because of how soft it is and because of the pretty heart shape with convenient pockets that allow you to hold it properly. It’s big enough to do your entire face. I really love it. ”

As mentioned in the video, the heart shape of the towel is kind of a big deal. Don’t you hate when you’re washing your face with regular washcloths and the water not only drips down your arms but also floods the entire bathroom? Then, you become flustered for having made a huge mess and suddenly your whole life feels like a mess? Say no more, we figured it out. The pockets on Face It are a feature you will thank us for.

Before & after: the verdict

If you love makeup but absolutely despise the process of taking it off, Face It will solve this problem for you. For Julia (, a makeup artist from Le Salon Sugar, makeup is a big part of her daily routine. Putting on makeup has always been the pleasant part and after incorporating Face It washcloths to her removal routine, taking stubborn makeup off has never been easier.

Julia was particularly impressed with how simple the instructions were: wet & wipe! And the results exceeded her expectations.


before after cloth in a box Face It


Before face it cloth in a box

Et voilà! That goddess glow though. The best part about the black and pink magic of the microfiber face cloth is the big reveal of Julia’s beautiful, clean and natural skin. While we do believe there is merit to wearing makeup, we also love to preach that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful and feel confident (special shoutout to our girl Alicia Keys). Face It wants you to always remember that natural beauty is the best beauty.


Karine & Terry ♥

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